SO worth the read

Especially if you had to read these things for a living, like I did at one point.
Unf. Iggy wasn't touring when I was around.
Truly, truly priceless.


Me Bad, Me No Update

Perhaps I'm just getting a hang of the thing, perhaps other crap has been going on...perhaps eh, I dont wanna share my brain with you, eh?

Therefore, some updates

-Finally warm here. Got a sunburn this weekend.

-Have been temping steadily and don't miss working in medical offices one drop.

-Getting back into the sketch comedy game; show scheduled for May 21st here in NYC. Details forthcoming...

-Still pissed about the Va. Tech "loner with a gun". No - loners live in cabins in the woods and shoot squirrels for food, not live on a 28,000 student campus with a roommate. He didn't "fall through the cracks" either. His parents "prayed for God to help him" instead of taking him to a psychiatrist or - how's this - yanking his ass from school the day he got declared not competent by a court. If I tried to kill myself when I was away at college my father would have been there in Star Trek beam down time to bring me home until things stabilized. This is a case of criminal parental neglect, plain and simple. They didn't give their child the help they needed, instead, they cowered in the corner of Christianity. Enough. RIP to those whose lives he cut short.

-RIP to Harriet, Jonathan's grandmother. She passed in her sleep after a long illness. She had no greater happiness than the happiness of her family and for that, we are grateful. As Jon said, "Siege and Harriet are finally reunited....drinking martinis....Judy and Lloyd are doing the cooking."

-RIP to abortion rights. This letter to today's NYTIMES sums it up:

To the Editor:

Re “A Sharp Turn for the Supreme Court on Abortion” (letters, April 20):

I am a rheumatologist caring for a patient whose lupus nephritis is flaring. Her creatinine is rising as her platelet count falls, and she has failed to improve with pulse methylprednisolone and intravenous cyclophosphamide. I am contemplating using rituximab. I would like to refer this case to the United States Supreme Court for its guidance.

Richard Zweig, M.D.
Santa Rosa, Calif., April 20, 2007


-Oh, and as for "living green"...use less toilet paper, take shorter showers, yeah yeah....Rik and I did a quick inventory of hte things we ALWAYS do to conserve, and frankly, we're doing pretty well. We always unplug appliances when we aren't using them, use power strips for our plugs, have new windows in the apt, wash everything but our sheets and towels in cold water, dont own cars, use public transportation, use corn-based cat litter that is flushable, we try whenever possible to eat meat and produce from local sources/organic, recycle our cans and glass, and we dont drink water from plastic bottles. We're going to splurge on some non-toxic cleaning products in the next few weeks; Shaklee has a good deal going on their website; its $50 to get a "starter kit" that is supposed to last 6 months. So no crap from anyone about me not being environmentally friendly. Not that that's ever happened, but you never know. If we all do one small thing it will make a difference. Maybe; but if the bees disappear we have 5 years, I'll say F-it and take up coal mining.