Bollocks! Its Friday!

Crikey!! Call Pete and Kate! Bring on the party!

Great article here about Chris Benoit, the pro wrestler who murdered his family before taking his own life, and the immediate blaming of "steroid rage" with little or no proof thereto.

The Spice Girls are reuniting. Rik is already drooling. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton smokes Maui Wowie to escape the horrors of her time as a prison bitch.

Next week in the blog world: tackling the idiocy of "freegans", vegans who eat only discarded food. As if eating no animal products weren't enough, now you have to eat and live off other people's garbage in order to lead an "ethical" life. When are these "lunatics" going to be "declared incompetent" or realize they can get "diseases" and "sick" from eating trash?

Enjoy the weekend. Wish I had time to see movies like SICKO and RATATOUILLE but alas we have a read thru and then much needed social time with Mel and Buffy, and brunch on Sunday with Bubbe and Kenny (FYI, gents, the Concert for Diana starts at noon on VH1!! You'd better get it on your cable...)