Amy Winehouse Live

here we go....

Friday Friday Friday

Walking to work this morning:
Exiting the subway at 47thst I was greeted by two pigeons mating in the middle of 7th Avenue.

Amazing, the only people having sex in Times Square arebirds.

Like, OMIGOD! I'm soooo excited! Osama's like - got a new video! He's soooo hot....

I liked him with the LONGER beard but that is soooo last year... I can't wait for the duet with Kanye.

As for Cate as Bob, Rik and I agreed that she gets the plum source material for this "imaginary/all-true" biopic. His Don't Look Back London days = his diva days...and who better to play the legend-of-his-own-making Bob than a woman playing a diva? Looks like a good flick, unlike Across the Universe... any movie containing Beatles music or based on Beatles music that ISNT ABOUT THE BEATLES ... well, sucks. The Bee Gees and Frampton, anyone?
I did background work for a riot scene in Across nearly 18 mos ago -- which is the only reason I'll ever rent it. Spending a day braless, lawless, and dodging smoke bombs and fake National Guardsmen at Grant's Tomb was a hoot and a half. Granted I got a sinus infection from all the smoke, but period pieces are pretty fun to do b/g on. If you watch Far From Heaven you see the back of my boufaint hairdo'ed head.
This weekend: getting new headshots, working on my Halloween costume (early, I know, but it takes some prep) and resting my tired, sore, torn up ankle. I can't catch a break.