Legalize it, Don't Criminalize It, and by the way, the Music Didn't Die

Sanity from the right?! Say it's so! From the notoriously fascist ORLANDO SENTINEL, of all places...

If marijuana were legalized, regulated and taxed at the rates applied to alcohol and tobacco, revenues would reach about $6.2 billion annually, according to an open letter signed by 500 economists who urged President Bush and other public officials to debate marijuana prohibition. Among those economists were three Nobel Prize winners, including the late Milton Friedman of Stanford's Hoover Institution

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Another fine, upstanding, moral 90% positive-rated-by-the-Naz- er- Christian Coalition gets busted for soliciting naughty things in public mens' rooms....gotta love this

Huzzah! Good music is alive and well in NYC. Tune in at 1pm today (or click HERE to listen) for the return of oldies radio. Now just hire my dad and all will be well....

BILL AND BETTY HOLLAND will be making a guest appearance at...
as part of a bigger variety show

Lady Bird tweets in heaven.