Raw Meeeet!!!

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Dario Franchitti Goes For A Ride

yes he's fine.....

Saw BB KING and Rev. Al Green at the Garden last night!! Totally amazing and a 100% RAWK!!! Finally, after all this time, I heard Lucille...baby the thrill is NOT gone....

MTA, you Suck. I mean it, You Suck. I was the only train to go through the tunnel at Qboro and its a damn good thing I dont get claustrophobic on the new N trains or they'd have hauled me off to the loony bin. a 20 minute trip took 90 minutes and at least I got here! Some folks were 3 hours late and most didnt even bother coming in today.
Robby Gordon, you're a massive douchebag. Lewis Hamilton wins, again, and Fernando Alonso goes WAAAAAAAA.....
Barry Bonds, congrats. To the guy who caught the ball....well...this is a scream if you're a Yankee fan:

SAN FRANCISCO -- As he high-fived other fans, New Yorker Matt Murphy, 22, slid the ball into the back pocket of his plaid Bermuda shorts. "Glad to be here, man," Murphy told KNTV's Daryl Hawks on his way out of AT&T Park. A team of San Francisco police officers moved in, extracted Murphy from the crowd, and quickly led him through a tunnel and into a secure room. "Murphy and a friend were en route to Australia and in San Francisco for a one-day layover, a Giants spokesman said. They purchased tickets just before the game. He and the friend, dressed in New York Yankees regalia, were razzed by nearby Giants fans. "Hey, this isn't New York!" one shouted. Murphy and his friend just laughed it off before settling into their seats. Murphy declined to make himself available to the media.