RIP Hilly Kristal

I see the passionate who killed themselves with drink

Or drugs or speeding cars in order not to think

They must have felt like there just nothing was to do

Oh why hast thou murdered those who see the most in search of a true thrill or clue

Don't die, don't die, don't die, don't die...

There's something wrong here where the best ones want to go

Parker, Lautreamont, Monroe

they held it just to throw

The world away who were its grace before they left

To choose to have a point of view oblivious that leaves the rest of us bereft

There I see the piercing eyes that look through all u

ntil they see their back

There where any thought will think about itself and that's the only fact

There a man has left just death, delerium, and drugs,

or feel the lack

The air is cool today the time is drawing near

My walls are white and so's my brain afloat in self-made fear

A banal feeling of the sort "I ain't insane"

No fate worse than to never leave yourself

and it's as well the most repulsive pain

The air is cool today that whistles through my ribs

My skull is full of sand that dribbles down upon my bib

I call out "Baby" but her face looks like a clock

Tick tock, alive, triumphant victims so surprised

we can't recover from the shock

Me, I like a joke as much as anybody else

but some are rough

Yeah when the joke's on you though you're the joker too you've had enough

Then though there is no one there, because there's nothing there,

you call your bluff

-Richard Hell and the Voidoids