MILAN (Reuters) - Luciano Pavarotti is unconscious and his kidneys have stopped working, E' TV Antenna Uno television station in Modena, the tenor's home town, reported on Wednesday. Pavarotti's condition is "very grave," the television said, citing unnamed sources, director Giovanni Mazzoni said. Pavarotti, who was released from hospital on August 25 after undergoing more than two weeks of tests and treatment, is at home in the company of family and close friends, the television station said.

Dead by midnight is my guess. And still fat. But not THIS fat:

Or this fat:

Cutest. Baby. EVER!!!

Meet Ayla Sansone! exactly 6 months old on the day this photo was taken.
A drool monster. A cutie. Has a dog she loves. Parents who go gooooo over her.

Boston was a hoot, as always. The only complaint is that we ate out waaaay too much and that is just not good for my stomach, which is accustomed to home cooking nearly every night.

Speaking of things not good for ones stomach, how about baking cookies on your dashboard. That's right, with terrifying recipe included.