Yeah, youve seen the commercials...suffering from migraines? Take Imitrex at the first sign and go about your happy day...HA. At the first onset of yesterday's migraine I took 1/3 of an IMITREX and passed out for 5 hours; then took another 1/3 and passed out for ANOTHER 4 hours. Now my back hurts from sleeping so much.

In any event at least the migraine has gone away. And it thankfully allowed me to miss all the 9-11 bassa bassa, for the most part. I did get to catch my Uncle Greg on the History Channel "Day the Towers Fell" doc -- recounting the amazing marine rescue that took place, and went largely unreported, on that day. He and many other captains rescued over 30,000 people from the island that day and brought them to safety. Greg spent another 9 days at the site rescuing animals from abandoned and uninhabitable apartments. He earned a lifetime achievement award from the ASPCA and the Humane Society for his efforts.

He doesnt' talk about that time much, and I dont blame him. I was almost on the boat he took down to the North Cove Marina at 920am, just after the second plane hit. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I was still at my subletted apartment, having overslept.

Dead Parrot News: Alex, the verbally prolific birdie, is now pushing up the daisies
is no more, bereft of life....

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